Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The BearFest Souvenir Video" (11-minute trailer)

The 60-minute "the-story-so-far" DVD will be available ($20 per copy) at the August Art Walk and via local retailers throughout the Summer.

Proceeds will be donated to the Bear Festival.

This trailer includes highlights of the "Mardi Gras" launch-party, the childrens' Activity Morning, the St Patrick's Day parade (featuring the "Paddy Bearon" float), and the Grand Unveiling of all the bears in situ last month, together with 'sample' snippets from interviews I've conducted with sundry BearFest artists along the way.

Duration of this trailer : 11 minutes.

~ ~ ~ Any "bear" artists who would like to be interviewed
~ ~ ~ for this project (&/or the proposed final documentary)
~ ~ ~ please get in touch with me directly :
~ ~ ~ Jon Persson (413) 548-6804
~ ~ ~ &/or
~ ~ ~

For fuller versions of "the story so far," check out the two BearFest videos, below:
(1) The Bears Are Coming..! (March '09 ~ 11 minutes)
(2) The Bears Are HERE..! (June '09 ~ 20 minutes)


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