Sunday, October 18, 2009

Matt Johnson, Sculpting "Icebreaker" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Part One) ~ 29 minutes.

The first part of my latest Community Access programme, featuring local artist/sculptor Matt Johnson, who works with huge pieces of junk which he heats in a furnace and then bends and manipulates into intricate shapes, spot-welding the various pieces into elaborate statues.

I shot Part 2 (completion of the "Icebreaker" sculpture) on Sunday and will be shooting Part 3 (Matt's Open Day) this Sunday (October 25th).

I'll be submitting this first part to local Community Access Stations (Amherst, Deerfield, Easthampton and Northampton) during the week.

This is an updated version, which includes Matt's intro-to-camera and some stunning night-shots from Part Two.

Duration : 29 minutes.

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